We provide full range catering services for weddings, parties, corporate function, birthdays & etc. together with tables chairs & canopy. We do also, provide Malay Tradisional wedding accessories. We provide live music. Our Beriani meat is cooked with a 50 year old secret recipe past down by generation. It will keep you coming back for more as there is no other taste that come close to our Bugis tradisional way of cooking. Our freshly prepared meat is marinated for hours before it is put in the pot and served with Basmati rice.just too........... good!.We serve the best Chicken Beriani,Mutton Beriani & Beaf Beriani. Best Beriani Ambok in Larkin Perdana, Johor Bahru Central.

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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Bendahara bikers

Salam....Beriani Ambok berbesar hati menerima kunjungan Bendahara Biker's club untuk menjamu selera di restoran kami..Terima kasih

birthday party @bbu

Salam....nak share gmbr majlis sambutan hari lahir yg diraikan penuh kemeriahan ditambah dgn kedatangan jemputan tetamu istimewa..